All Aboard for The Dragon Train

The launch of the Dragon Train is coming!

Sometime around the third week in October, RJ will present a Facebook Live event introducing this exciting new book featuring readings, contests, and your chance to purchase a signed book sent to your home or to a friend as a gift. More details to come as plans are settled….

Right now, you can find out more about the Young Adult story which begins the journey through three or more books chronicling the Dragon Train Quest.

About Dragon Train for those interested in the details

(otherwise, visit our other pages on this site for fun info, etc.)

Jaiden, a 15-year-old farm boy, lives near Hilltop, a Medieval-type village and has never template2.inddbeen more than a few miles beyond his home. He lives with his widower father who works the boy hard and treats Jaiden rather abusively. In this world, people have enslaved dragons as beasts of burden and as something like guard dogs and soldiers.

There are three kinds of dragons characterized by their various colors: Gold (dog-sized) Dragons trained to hunt and serve as guards; Silver (about the size of a cow) trained to carry gold dragons on their backs and to serve as soldiers and hunters; and Blue Dragons (somewhat larger than an elephant) who are trained to tow Dragon Trains (powered by a low-flying dragon rather than a steam engine).

The Gold and Silver dragons aren’t very intelligent, but obedient to humans and easily trained. The Blues however, are very intelligent and can communicate with each other telepathically although most humans are not aware of their ability to communicate. For many centuries dragons and humans were enemies, but in the last couple of generations, humans have become clever enough to overwhelm and enslave the dragons.

Chapter Icon EVEN PAGE Dragon TrainBut the Blues long for freedom and escape from human control. Jaiden and Skye, an escaped Blue Dragon, encounter each other and a close, friendly relationship develops as the Blue Dragon with the young man’s help escapes servitude towing a Dragon Train. The pair avoid capture while they are pursued through the forests and caves of the Emerald Forest. Eventually, they travel to Portville, a large city where the Dragon Train camps and training grounds are located.

But can the pair free her family and escape to a far northern land where dragons may live free?

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