Dragon Credits

Dragon Wing from back cover

The creation of even a book is not the work of just one person. RJ the Story Guy thought up all the dragons, people, places, and events, but to make a book takes other artists and skilled people besides an author.

  • Invaluable advice, detailed editing, and encouragement was richly supplied by fellow authors Kathy Wagoner and Joyce Hertzoff, members of RJ’s critique group.
  • Taking RJ’s vision of Skye, Jaiden and the Dragon Train only existed in the Story Guy’s imagination until Celebril, a talented digital artist found on Divergent Art was able to make that imagination real with deft strokes of her stylist. Prints of the cover art will be available by special order, details to follow here. Find Celebril online.
  • Taking the art work and creating an attention grabbing full book cover title, back cover text, and arrangement was accomplished by fine/graphic artist, Paul Murray who lent a unmistakeable professional look to the final rendenition of the book.
  • Finally, preparing the text for publication was the combined formatting efforts of RJ himself with the final product made possible by Julie Klein. Also, Julie’s Facebook page.
  • Support, proof-reading, and patience was generously supplied by RJ’s wife, Cheryl.



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